Why Cash4Card?

We understand that money can be tight and that budgets can be over-stretched which places stress in your life. Often your paycheck won’t cover all of your expenses. Why add more stress with unnecessary and unwanted debt when you can sell unwanted gift cards and get much needed cash?

We Accept All Gift Cards

We take all valid gift cards, both e-cards and traditional gift cards. We don’t make you look through a long list of gift cards or deny any gift cards that you wish to submit. You can submit up to five gift cards per day of any value!

You Get Your Money Fast

We usually issue payment within 24 hours. You can get your funds even faster if you have a PayPal account. No waiting for what seems like forever when you need the cash now!

Know How Much You'll Get

We don’t make you guess! We do not surprise you with the amount that you will receive. We pay 50% of the face value of the gift card or if the gift card has been used, we’ll give you 50% of the remaining balance.

Turn Those Cards Into Cash.

Right now, you have cash hidden in the back of a drawer, sitting in your wallet, or any place that you store your forgotten or unwanted gift cards. You probably have usable cash in your wallet and you don’t even know it. We help you unlock a cash source that that you may not even be aware of. Why wait?
Sell Your Gift Cards